Wednesday, 22 April 2009

What we really want...

And there I was, all smug and self-satisfied that I turned out to have a talent for writing horror.
All I had to do, I thought, was please my audience more by improving my website. The new layout temporarily worked wonders, so my hopes were high when I decided to increase the interactivity options of my blog.

1) A little widget showing who's following my website quickly filled up with... yes! Seven followers!

2) Little buttons underneath each post which people can click if they don't feel like thinking up a comment, but still wish to show their appreciation.

Because I promised to be funny once in a while,the first button is rofl (Rolling On The Floor Laughing).

With my talent for horror I had to add a button pukealicious, which pretty much speaks for itself.

And last but not least, the button to tell me I really need to try harder: dilligaf? (Do I Look Like I Give A ....)

3) Promoting every new post on Twitter and Facebook.

4) And yes... the poll. Turns out my readers don't want explicit sex and horror. You want well-crafted pieces of literature, beautiful sentences and deeper meanings! And if I refuse to live up to that (I thought I took a sabbatical: no philosophy this year!), you'd much prefer some nice characters and witty dialogues over my real talent.

This surprised me, for people always told me 'sex sells'. But I suppose it would be a really stupid idea of mine, trying to compete with Even if I were willing to post some interesting author pics.

But, according to BlogPulse's trendwatch, sex isn't really what's on blogger's minds anyway. Money is about four times as interesting as sex. What we really want, apparently, is love.


  1. Don't worry about giving people what they want! Write what you want to write. It's why I started following you in the first place! (But what do I know? Very few (but much appreciated) people post on my blog either.

  2. you're absolutely right, that's what blogging is all about: doing your own thing. There's no point in doing something that anyone else could do, just because you think that would appeal to the masses, if it doesn't interest you.

    As it happens, I'm really attracted to finding out what interests people, without actually putting that knowledge to any commercial good (like actually writing a romantic story)...

  3. I want to hear your voice, Deb! Tell us a story!

  4. I'd prefer sex every time. But you can call it 'making love' if you think that's more commercial. I don't mind.

    Now read us some of your horror!

  5. For the record, I thought "Itch" was brilliant. I love horror and sex. My opinion: don't call it "making love." Ew.

  6. Debbie does london - the definition of rofl!!!!

  7. Thanks George & Ana, I suppose it's just going to be sex then!
    Unless I actually mean love, of course. But as a great Austrian once pointed out:

    “Worüber man nicht sprechen kann, darüber muß man schweigen”

    Thanks Belle!