Thursday 6 February 2014

Snapshots of Alma

Her first job was stacking shelves at ASDA.
She used to come home and tell us that we could save 25p if we bought a large pack of Tetleys at her branche instead of at Tesco’s.

When she started as a receptionist at Quorn, she became a vegetarian.
“It’s so much healthier not to eat meat,” she kept telling us. “And think of all the animals!”
She lost that job – and her appetite for veggie food – when she had a go at her manager over his ham sandwich.

Next, she became a copywriter for a bank. She had to write about loans and mortgages.
“The average working person in London has to save for 11 years for a sufficient mortgage deposit,” she wrote.
But she didn’t let this get her down, and after only five years, she bought her first home.

Nowadays, she works for a debt-collecting agency.

Oh Alma, whatever has become of you?

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