Monday 16 September 2013

A 2013 guide to holiday snapshots

The best thing about coming home from a wonderful holiday is that you can show off your tan and your photos. With these basic tips, your snapshots are guaranteed to make the right impression.

1. Less is more
This one's especially important for those who share their holiday pics via social media while they're still abroad. Just because you're taking thousands of photos during your beach holidays, doesn’t mean your friends and family want to see them all! Make sure every photo you share is interesting and unique. If you took fifty very similar pictures of the swimming pool at the hotel, choose the best one and archive the others. Don’t waste the valuable time and attention span of your audience!

2. Choose the right platform to showcase your photos
If don't want to your holiday pictures to look like snapshots from someone else's life, avoid Instagram. But if it's not on Instagram, how will you share your pics with your followers?!Most people don’t appreciate it when you clog up their email box with big attachments. It’s better to share your photos through a website such as Adobe Revel, Picasa, Photobucket, Flickr or Facebook and send your friends the url of the album. The advantage of using Adobe Revel is that you can use some of the famous Photoshop software to edit your photos online for free.

3. Shoot interesting subjects (yourself)
By all means, aim your camera at things that capture your attention - especially if other tourists don't seem to notice them. If you're not a professional photographer, chances are your pictures of the Dubai Skyline or the Eiffel Tower won't be the most fascinating photographs your friends have ever seen. These landmarks will only become interesting for your friends and family if you combine them with something they care about: you. Going on a city trip means you've got a licence to take lots of selfies!

4. Always work on a copy The most important thing when it comes to editing is that you should always keep an unedited version of your original photo. You can use a web-based editing service or offline software to edit a copy of your photo.

5. Improve the compositions Most holiday snapshots can be improved by cropping them according to the rule of thirds. Imagine a noughts and crosses grid within your new frame and position the subject of the photo along one of the lines or on one the four intersection points. Your photos will become much more interesting this way.

6. Enhance dull colours
Experimenting with the brightness, contrast, colour intensity, levels, sharpness and focus of your photo can improve your snapshots immensely, even when the original looked fine to you. If only some areas of your photos are a bit too dark or too bright, look for the Dodge and Burn brushes to adjust those specific areas.

7. Have a crack at Vine
Just because you can't stick 6-second looping videos in an album doesn't mean they're not interesting to watch. In fact, my favourite snapshot of my trip to Barcelona earlier this year is a vine:

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