Saturday, 13 July 2013

6 Cheap, Simple & Quick Beauty Tips for the Heat

Looking splendid in the sweltering heat – and in all your summer snapshots! – is easy this year. You don’t have to spend valuable beach time in front of the mirror and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune either. Just follow these simple make-up, hair and fashion tips and let the sun be your limelight!

1. Make-up:  less is more
The best way to avoid a make-up meltdown is to let your skin breathe. Steer clear of heavy foundation, concealer and powder. All you need is a lightweight moisturizer that will block UV rays and absorb oil. If you’re feeling a bit pale without make-up, you can use tinted sunscreen (the only one that doesn't give me spots is Vichy 50+ Capital Soleil Face Cream) or self-tanning moisturizer to give your skin a sun-kissed glow. Keep your lips natural or use a shiny gloss or balm with UV-filter.

2. Sunglasses: the wow-factor
Buy yourself a glamorous pair of sunglasses that really suit your face. This accessory should both make you look fabulous and protect your eyes by absorbing all UV rays and most HEV rays. If you have a heart-shaped or an oval face (like me), all frames will look good on you except for oversized ones such as aviator shades. Sunglasses with sculpted angles look best on people with round faces. Make sure the frame is at least the same width as your face. Oval and cat-eye frames tend to work best for people with an angular jaw (not me!) because the rounded edges soften the angular planes of your face. Personally, I swear by my Adidas Evil Eye glasses - great for skiing as well. 

3.  Eyes: go waterproof
Keep your eyes simple – after all, you will be wearing sunglasses most of the time! If you really want to use eye shadow, go for a neutral, soft shimmery product. Dark, smoky eyes can look extremely harsh in the summer and are more likely to smudge. To enhance your natural glow, you only need to emphasize your lashes. Waterproof mascara is a must at the beach, but it can dry out your lashes. Look for a moisturizing, stay-put mascara to prevent brittle lashes.

4.  Skin: wear self-tanning lotion and
The most important summer skincare product is sunscreen. The higher the SPF, the better. Honestly, you don’t want your skin to age prematurely as the result of too much exposure to the sun. It’s much safer to get a tan from a bottle! Choose a quick-drying, streak-free tanning-lotion. Exfoliate your body and us a sheer moisturizer on dry areas such as your ankles, wrists, knees and elbows before you apply the tanning lotion.

5. Let your hair down, literally
The key to good summer hair is: don't try too hard. Wet it every morning, apply some leave-in conditioner and let it air-dry. Blow-driers, curling irons, straighteners and other styling products will only damage your sun-stressed hair. You’re ready to leave the house in a lot less time than usual and you’ll look amazing. If your hair is dyed blonde or has artificial highlights, you should protect it against and chlorine in swimming pools with a swimming cap (you don't have to go down the rubbery, sporty route, there are plenty of cute vintage options as well!) and against sunlight with a pretty hat.

6. Clothes: trust your instinct

Find a flattering bikini or swimming costume. If you are a bit self-conscious about your stomach, go for a one-piece swimsuit with tummy-control. Those who think they have short legs should avoid hipster bottoms and skirted bikinis. Instead, go for high-cut thighs. This cut will make your legs look longer. Don’t worry if this look draws attention to your hindquarters: the curvier your hips are, the smaller your waist looks.It’s also worth investing in a sarong or pareo, as it can easily be transformed into an elegant beach dress, nonchalant skirt or sexy top. For different ways to wrap, fold and knot your sarong or pareo, watch this space!

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