Friday, 25 February 2011

Red Nose Day has nothing to do with the nation's alcohol problem

The slogan for this blog used to be "Borah's cultural learnings of London for Make Benefit Glorious Novel of Sex and Horror". Since I moved to Cardiff, I've changed my blog title to "Debbie Does Britain" and my new novel might not contain as much sex and horror as Bek dicht en dooreten! But I would still like to use this platform to share some of my 'cultural learnings'.

If I wanted to tell you about the British sense of humour, I would either bore you with clichés or have to come up with some really good examples. I don't intend to do the first, and if you're interested in the second I recommend you read my novels. But one thing I would like to tell you about the matter, is that it's one of the few things of which the British are unabashedly proud. They even have a national "do a good deed, be funny"-day. Or, as they call it, Red Nose Day. The whole nation is trying to use their sense of humour to raise money for charity before on Friday 18th March. Many high street fashion stores are selling Red Nose Day T-shirts, Walkers has offered comedians the opportunity to create their very own flavour of crisps in an attempt to raise over £1 million (resulting in Stephen Fry's Stephen Fry Up, Jimmy Carr's Jimmy Con Carrne, Al Murray's Steak and Al Pie and Frank Skinner's Frank Roast Dinner), and even British Airways are joining forces with Comic Relief to transform the lives of disadvantaged children at home and abroad. As part of BA's Flying Start campaign, Dara O'Briain, Jack Whitehall and Jon Richardson will be setting the world record for the 'Highest Stand-Up Comedy Gig in the World' at 35000 feet.

With this sponsored post, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that you could be one of the 75 lucky people flying over the UK enjoying two-and-a-half hours of stand-up comedy for charity, free champagne and refreshments! All you need to do is text 'Fly1' to 70300 or visit to enter the competition. Full terms and conditions are available from the Facebook page.

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