Friday, 29 October 2010

Road Trip!

I'm signing up for the Great British Banger Challenge...

...and I'm not giving up my vegetarian lifestyle! I enjoyed driving a van so much, that I'm seriously contemplating buying a car! And this facebook group is probably going to be the deciding factor.

So what's this Great British Banger Challenge about? If you enter the Challenge, you need to buy a car for less than £250 (I couldn't even afford a more expensive one if I wanted to), drag it home, fix it, decorate it, make sure it has valid tax, MOT and car insurance, and take it around Britain in 5 days. They say it's not a race – the challenge is to get there at all. Entry fee is £165, which will be used to arrange camping and the rest will be donated to charity (though it doesn't say what charity...)

The route will be:

Day 1 Cardiff to Carlisle
Day 2 Carlisle to Scarborough via Edingburgh
Day 3 Scarborough to SouthEnd-on-Sea
Day 4 SouthEnd-on-Sea to Weymouth (avoiding London)
Day 5 Weymouth to Cardiff

My budget for this hobby isn't particularly big, so I'll have to compare car insurance quotes to find the cheapest policy on the market. I might even have to exchange my Dutch drivers licence for a British one since having a foreign licence pushes up the quotes dramatically. The only thing I'm not sure about is whether my 4 years of experience will still be acknowledged if I switch. It wouldn't be very nice if I 'lost' those. Especially not if I can't 'get them back' if I change back to the Dutch licence again in the future! Anyone got experience with this?

(It took a while before I understood the song is about sat navs, haha, but isn't it a fantastic singalong? Got to love the Lancashire Hotpots!)

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