Thursday 24 September 2009

Shut Up and Eat!

Hurah! I've finished my novella! I handed it in yesterday and had champagne with Fay Weldon afterwards (oh how I love name dropping!).

Leave a comment or send me an email if you want a little preview of Shut Up And Eat.

Thanks everyone!


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  2. Well done, Miss! Cute red nose too! I hope you don't have a cold!

  3. not a cold... I'd been awake from Monday 08:00 until Wednesday 04:45 editing and making a pretty layout.

    I was absolutely knackered! At the end, I couldn't read a sentence from the beginning till the full stop!

  4. Well done, I love the nose too.

    Well impressed about Fay and Champagne

  5. Hey there Deborah,

    Are u a writer? Author? I find it awesome that u managed to write your own novella! It looks pretty thick. So what'll happen after you handed it in? Is it for a contest or something?

    I'd love to one day write something. But Im not a writer - am just someone that loves to write. Will be reading more of your posts soon!

  6. hi Marzuki,
    Thanks, and welcome on my site.
    I just finished my master Creative Writing at Brunel University, and my novella was my thesis.

    What did you think of the beginning, which you can read if you click on the title?