Friday 19 June 2009

Stand by your book

Sometimes it's hard to be a writer
Giving all your love to just one book
You'll have bad times
Killing your darlings
When people tell you they are shit

You have to trust them,
And forgive them
Even though it's hard to understand
It 's for the better
And still be proud of it
'Cause after all it's just a draft

Stand by your draft
Give it more time to ripen
Spend all your time on writing
When nights are cold and lonely

Stand by your draft
And show the world you love it
Keep giving all your love, and craft
Stand by your draft

Stand by your book
And show the world you love it
Keep giving it a second look
Stand by your book!


  1. ha ha thats classic!!
    my book (my first) is slowly draining me of creativity! Its historically set so im reading LOTS for it! Just wanna get started! start to worry about me in the pulling all the research together stage!!
    stand by your book

  2. And how is the standing by your book going?
    I should really stand by my book and show it some love.
    Maybe even write some new stuff. ;)

  3. Enjoyed the post. Feel like I have been standing by mine for years!

  4. Good to see you back again. Like the post enormously. How is the book?

  5. Aaaw, that's so cute :) And very very true! :P

  6. hi everyone, and thanks for the comments!
    For the last two weeks, I was living up to a writing scheme of 1000 words a day, and felt really happy with it all. And then I went to see Matt Thorne, my supervisor, last Wednesday, which I experienced lead me to writing the the pep talk above...

    He started with "i have been really brutal..."
    Well, he didn't make me cry and he didn't make me think it was all hopeless. Not at all.
    But I experienced that mr. Walt Disney was very wise in putting creative people in a separate building from the critical people... i just found it very hard to go on writing now that i saw the need for editing.

    But I'll get over it!

    and stay with your writing and guide it to meet creative people you describe above!