Monday 4 May 2009

Let the nude poet be quiet and bitter!

I keep trying, don't I?
I blame Golublog for pointing Twitter Magnets out to me.

(Though, actually, I don't think the site works properly... I entered my twitter account details, but it doesn't publish my poem. I wonder if they're going to do nasty things with my account now...)


  1. I think the problem is it doesnt work on safari for some reason. I works in firefox though.

  2. What's the function of a twitter magnet?:) Looks interesting with the words and all :)

  3. Hello Dear Girl! I have been gone for five weeks now and am just catching up. My daughter had a small accident. But now she is fine and I am back. I must say it was hard to get started again. Do you still need me for that project? If so, please let me help in anyway that I can.
    Twittering is I am afraid overwhelming. Will I ever twitter? Never say never:)

  4. @bev: I'm glad she's all right! I hope it was nothing serious. Yeah, the paper's not handed in yet, so if you still remember how much time you used to spend a week reading other blogs, before your five week break, do let me know!

    @andhari:Like magnets, i suppose: attract and repulse. In this case, i'd guess my fridge-poetry would rather repulse other tweeters than attract them :D

    @golublog: but I've got firefox!

  5. Well, when life goes as planned I try to spend an hour or two in the morning. Then check in again, after everyone has gone to sleep here for about one to three hours. I will spend the longer amount if I have written something that day. I can't help but check in after I've posted time and time again, to see if anyone else has stopped by my site while I was writing on theirs. It then becomes a crazy cycle of writing and checking, checking and writing. I want to return the favor whenever someone is so kind as to care enough to comment on something I write. I am always so surprized that they have taken the time!
    I think it must be a great help if you have OCD. Just how to I go about getting that, I wonder?
    Thanks for your kind thoughts for my daughter. All is well.
    Good luck on that paper, and I am always happy to help you if you ever need me!