Saturday 9 May 2009

Female wisdom

They've got fridge poetry at Bloomsbury too, and I can't help but see naughty combinations... Hence the reason why I've returned to twitter magnets and uttered all my inspiration there.

(blush and smile like a girl, or
speak and laugh like a woman,
but live like a harlot - be free.)


  1. I love those things! The best one I ever created: "Screamly meat beneath my can." Loved yours above!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hi Deborah! I just read your comment in my blog about mother's day. I just wanted to clarify something. You said in your comment that I didn't include the whole painting of Klimt because I think Grannies don't deserve to have a place because of their saggy belly, legs or age???! First of all, I found the painting in internet when I was looking for "mother and son images" and if you search a little, you'll see that there are thousands of versions of the same painting, I just found that version the way it was placed in my blog and I didn't know that the painting had a full size, maybe I should investigate more about it, but my intention was only to find an image that reflects the love and tenderness between mother and son. When I read your comment I felt really surprised by the way you misunderstood and distorted things without even knowing the reason. You're having a really wrong impression about me without knowing me. I apologize if you felt offended, but I assure you that it wasn't my intention AT ALL to leave grannies behind by any reason. I'm not that type of person.
    By the way, I just changed the image of the post in my blog, only because I don't want any other person to misunderstand the message of the painting or feel offended.

  4. Ana:Screamly meat? haha! I think I would have left the can out and written "screamly, beneath my meat" with those words ^.^

    Rachel: Cheers!

  5. Welcome back in my little democracy, Giovanna!

    I didn't mean to offend you, but just thought your post about mothersday seemed... a whole lot sweeter than it actually was...

    If I were you and I would have gotten such a reaction, I would not have blocked it, but included the entire picture, and added a line about how I wished that the forgotten grandmothers had a lovely Mothers Day too.

    Since you didn't allow it on your blog but did start the discussion on mine, I'll publish my own reaction here :D

    Gosh, that's a very sweet picture for Klimt...

    I see you did clip the nipple off... but it's still rather sweet.

    ah... here it is! It's a fragment of "the three ages of women".
    May I ask why the third generation isn't welcome on your blog? Doesn't granny deserve a happy mother's day, just because her belly is sagging, her feet are too large, and her skin shows how close to death she is?

  6. I have 'Live and Dazzle' on my fridge. So I do.

  7. This is way harder then my little twelve word poems. I having a lot of fun with it though!

  8. Scarlet-BlueLive and dazzle! That's a great one, one that deserves to be glued on there!

    BevIt's great, isn't it! Oh how I'm missing fridge poetry already!
    I might have a go at your twelve-word-poems, what't the rules exactly? Just that it has to be 12 words?