Friday 17 April 2009

Staying over

"Push your hair back," Dominique said to Freddie, "so I can see your face when I'm talking to you."
Freddie and I were doing the dishes when his uncle, Dominique, came into the kitchen to say good night and explain his morning-ritual so that we wouldn't get in his way the next day.
It was the first time I met his uncle. He didn't seem like a bad guy, though he had been a bit grumpy most of the evening. Or, as Freddie put it, 'he just needs a shag'.
"Good night," Dominique said. And then: "why do I have to stand on my toes to kiss my little nephew good night?"
I smiled. "Because otherwise you would be kissing his nipples."


  1. And his nipples would have exploded with delight, as Monty Python's Hungarian tourist would have said. Your "where" should be a "were".

  2. you're right, thanks!

    that's hilarious, by the way:
    That's so like talking to the Hungarians I've come across recently!

  3. what is it about Freddie's and bathrooms?

  4. I now have a very strange image in my head