Friday 10 April 2009


I realise I have been a bad bloggerette, recently. True, according to Google Analytics the number of visitors, their pageviews and average time on my site has steadily increased since I traded in the gruesome Scribe-template for a light-footed layout. But the response ratio has dropped dramatically over the last three weeks.

So, in order to avoid ending up in the BlogBog: my Third Term Resolutions!

1) Be a bloggernaut – experiment wildly, visit other blogs, link to them and return the favour when someone leaves a comment.

2) Be funny – even though I have been traumatized by numerous ex-boyfriends telling me I’ve got no sense of humour. To all of you out there, wherever you are: Sod you all!

3) Avoid bloggarrhoea – don’t post every day, it’s not bloody twitter!

4) Use pictures – I bet you’re all pretty glad I only came up with this one after my Sick Haiku!

5) Keep it short - one of the keywords people used to find my site was ‘debra stinks of poo’ (bounce rate 100%). Visitors have to be able to read the whole post while holding their breath.
Btw: I handed in my coursework for Planning A Novel last night! I put a lot of effort in presentation this time, it has been proofread by four natives and I used a lovely lay-out. I’m not allowed to post it online until it’s been assessed, but if you’re interested: just leave a comment and I’ll email you the PDF.

Needless to say, I'm craving for your advice on how to capture your attention. As the Dutch say:
"U vraagt, wij draaien!"


  1. Rather than putting up your stories as text, why not give us audio files of you reading them aloud? The computer screen is not an ideal medium for long passages of text and I'm sure everyone would like to hear your voice. There is a blog for authors who do this.

    Your boyfriends must have been disappointed that they unable to make you laugh. I would have tried tickling you.

  2. (^&^) Great idea! As soon as I'll get my laptop is fixed (spilled tea on the keyboard...) I'll start reading them out!

  3. Nice to see you at mine, and I'd love to hear you reading. Mr Bananas is full of good ideas, but watch it ... next comments he'll be saying how nice it would be to see you reading... see where this could lead?

  4. I've been reading your blog for a while, and I'd be interested to see your novel plan. Can you email it to georgepelzer at googlemail . com?

  5. @George: thanks, it's on its way.

    @Lulu: and before I know it I'm spending 10,000 quid on!

  6. when it's short, i read it.

    maybe it's just me. i'm a lazy reader sometimes... :)

  7. I see your point, I often dread reading very long postss by others, even if I know they write well!