Monday, 1 December 2008

Christmas in Neverland

'Oh dear,' said Wendy, as she stepped out of the lovely little house the lost boys had built for her. 'Where is everybody?'
Peter, who kept watch outside, woke up and yawned. 'Who?' he asked, rubbing his eyes.
'John, Michael and the boys,' Wendy said and she looked worried. 'Oh Peter, do tell me where they are!'
'They must be home, under the ground,' he replied, but really, he had no idea where they were.
'Oh don't be morbid!' Wendy exclaimed. 'They're not dead, so why would they be buried?'
'You silly ass,' Wendy heard close to hear left ear. Then she screeched, for something had pulled her hair really hard.
'Tinker Bell!' she said sternly, and wiped the fairy dust off her shoulder. 'Do stop being so naughty and tell me where the boys have gone off to!'
Tink darted off to Peter and sat on his hand. She made the sound of little bells in the wind, and Peter had to translate it for Wendy.
'She says they are in the woods, Wendy, to find a tree for you.'
'Oh,' cried Wendy, 'A tree! For me? What sort of a tree, a Christmas tree perhaps?'
Tink laughed haughtily and flew off.
'What sort of a tree is that?' said Peter, and he got up.
'You don't know what a Christmas tree is?' she asked with great surprise.
'Of course I do,' he said, and felt for the first time that he ought to know. 'It looks just like an apple tree, but it's blossom isn't white but yellow, and instead of apples it yields christmasses.'
'Oh dear,' cried Wendy, 'you are so funny!' And then she told him about baby Jesus, going to church, decorating a pine tree and baking ginger cookies. 'It's the cosiest time of the year,' she said, 'because everybody loves each other during Christmas and all the grown ups stop fighting for two days.'
Peter got all excited and shouted that they definitely needed a Christmas tree.
'I'll find you the biggest tree in the forest,' he exclaimed, 'and please do bake me some of those delicious cookies!'
'I will,' Wendy smiled as she watched him fly off. And when he disappeared between the trees, it started to snow in Neverland.

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