Tuesday 25 November 2008


'Give me that!' Darren reached for the bottle of Strongbow.
'Sorry mate,' Hannah said. With an over apologetic smile she held the bottle away from him. 'I had it first.'
'I know, you've had it all night, you sponge!'
'Why didn't you get yourself your own bottle, then?' She started pouring herself a pint.
'I will next time I'm drinking with you!' He suddenly grabbed the bottle from her hand. Cider spilled over his duvet, but he didn't seem to care.
'What are you doing?' Hannah laughed without letting go of the plastic bottle.
'Mine!' he said, and put one knee on her legs, trying to wrestle it from her. With her free hand Hannah screwed the cap back on so that they wouldn't spill any more. When it was on, she aimed for his sides and started tickling him.
'Stop that!' he squeaked at the top of his voice, while smashing his limbs in every direction. 'I can't take it, really!'
She stopped when he hit the glass she had just been filling. Strongbow drenched the book on his bedside table and foamed on his carpet.
'Look what you did,' she said. 'That's what happens when you're so greedy!'
'I'm greedy?' he said with mock-surprise. 'Never!'
'I suppose you will let me refill the pint you just knocked over, then?' She said, fixing him with her eyes. He still had his knee on her lap, making no attempt to clean up. Not letting go of the bottle yet, he checked how much was left.
'All right then,' he said, 'you can take as much as has been spilled, but no more!'
'Cool,' she said, tucking at the bottle. He let go and watched her pour.
'So was the glass half-full or half-empty?' she asked for no other reason than to distract him.
'Does it matter?' Darren asked puzzled.
While she topped up her glass she winked at him.

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