Friday 21 November 2008

A flash of mortification

Brunel University, Wednesday 19 November 2008, 1:05pm.
After a lecture on (ultra)short fiction, there was a queue for the ladies in the Chadwick building.
'I just loved Sibyl's cushion-story,' someone said. 'It was so creative, I really didn't expect Doug to save Reg, but when he did, it was very convincing.'
In one of the cubicles, Sibyl tore off a piece of toilet paper as quiet as she could, hoping not to miss any details.
'And she has a great sense of style, too,' the voice continued. 'Did you read any of her other assignments?'
'Actually, I'm not sure,' another replies. 'Who's Sibyl again?'
'You know, the chubby girl with the monobrow, who has a crush on Tibor.'

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