Monday, 27 October 2008


“Witty, good looking muse is looking for diffuse writer to inspire. Text 'Silencia' to ****.”

I look at the personal ad I just wrote and wonder if it will do. I'm quite happy with the result, actually.
It depicts me in quite an attractive way. All the essentials are there, garnished with some mystery (a woman is allowed to keep her age to herself, right?).
My name is Silencia. I am the always suppressed tenth muse, because I inspire my followers to keep quiet for a while. I furnish them with silence, so that their thoughts can ripen before they are reaped by language. I allow them to breath in, before they breath out words. Some have tried to escape my spell and put the experience to words before the time was right. This is the uninspired rumour of the so called writer's block. But obviously those attempts were doomed to fail. Nobody can put to words what it's like when words are out of reach. Nobody can express the growth of thoughts that I inflict. Growth, or actually rooting. For the longer an author is unable to express himself, the longer he dwells upon the same thought he wishes to share with the world, and the clearer it becomes what it is exactly, that he wishes to put to words. Which eventually leads to better formed thoughts and better picked words. This is what I call concentration: the author focusses on what is important to him, while the centre of his attention turns more dense.
It's also a good ad, because it's clear who I'm addressing. Hold off, painters, hold off, musicians and poets, I don't do other sorts of artist. I'll settle for no less than a proper prose writer. And, oh no, not any prose writer will be considered for my special attention! For what I have to offer is only valuable to those that shed their words abundantly. The ones that constantly dilute their thoughts with language. Only the too proliferate writers need a block once in a while. And I am more than happy to supply them with the absence of their own voice. Otherwise they are degraded to word-machines, like the ones in 1984, rambling on, saying the same meaningless things over and over again. I oppose diluted language!

Yes, the personal ad is quite satisfactory. But where on earth shall I post it?

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