Tuesday 26 August 2014

Bubbles - a business idea

This morning, I didn’t just cycle through the Rijksmuseum; I cycled through a cloud of bubbles. There was a street musician, a girl with a camera and a small cue. But no child, parent, bathtub or other Obvious source for the bubbles.

Which set me thinking. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could blow bubbles with your mouth, and nothing but your mouth? If bubbles would come straight from your lips?

Here’s an idea for a cool gadget: a tiny pouch of BubbLipswhich fits in your cheek without being noticed from the outside. At one end, there's a valve that can release just one drop at a time.
You run your tongue over the pouch to release a drop of the glycerin, which mixes with your saliva as you distribute it over the inside of your lips. Part your lips a little, blow gently and off they go, shiny bubbles of delight!
I can see baby sitters enchanting kids with this trick, clubs where strapping lads are snogging wallflowers just to get at their bubbles, CEO's in boardrooms yawning bubbles when their advisors are chatting breeze again...
BubbLips™ would be a thick liquid containing glycerin, colouring and flavourings for the most magical bubbles.

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