Tuesday 27 March 2012

Blogspot’s country specific domain change and the auto-mutilating Panda

You may have noticed recently that Blogger has started redirecting you to country-specific URLs of all blogspot blogs. So you may now see debbiedoeslondon.blogspot.co.uk in your address bar, or debbiedoeslondon.blogspot.com.au, or debbiedoeslondon.blogpspot.in, depending on where in the world you are.
If you’ve seen this happen to your own blog as well: don’t worry, the original domain name (and its page rank) still exist and won’t be removed. You can still see it by adding /ncr to the end of the URL, which stands for “no country redirect”. For example, you may want to go to http://japingape.blogspot.com/ncr.
Blogger, which is one of Google’s products, have done this so they can take certain posts down in certain countries – if those posts are breaking any laws.
Many Blogspot users have spent quite a lot of time optimizing their sites for search engines (SEO), including producing plenty of unique content and getting other sites to link to that content. The result of their efforts is that their blog appears sooner when people search relevant topics in Google – and a higher pagerank.
If you Google the regionalisation of blogspot, you’ll see that many bloggers are upset because they think they have lost their pagerank. Calm down, Google is not that evil. They didn’t intend all of their little monsters to suffer from this migration. But…
Every country specific versions of your blog will have the exact same content, and sites with duplicate content tend to get punished by Google Panda. So over time, your lovely page ranks might drop like autumn leaves after all.
Oh, how I love it when a company reaches the size where one department has no idea what another department is doing. If I could draw, I would draw a big panda poking its own eyes out with bamboo sticks while trying to bite of his own feet, and it would make everybody laugh because everybody would understand the feet are a metaphor for Blogger. Such a shame I can't draw.
Oh all right then:


  1. I noticed these new country specific URLs on my sitemeter. Thanks for explaining them, Deb1

  2. This is a really new idea for me. I never thought we could use Blogspot’s country specific domain change like this one. I will definitely be trying it. Thanks for sharing this idea.