Monday 20 September 2010

May you stay forever young...

What I love most about London are the freebees. I think I've mentioned the free champagne, free cocktails and free cider before but I'm not completely obsessed with alcohol. I happen to know that the city offers lots of free entertainment that's suitable for the entire family as well. For example, I went back to London last weekend and visited the Natural History Museum with two friends.

It's amazing how a couple of dinosaur skeletons, distorting mirrors, a lot of interesting information and enormous baby dolls can bring out the inner child in anyone. Almost as effective as a can of K! The reason why I took a picture of the following creature is because I thought it looked like a Pokemon...

...and I don't think it was very mature to take the following pictures either. (The faces have been blotted out to protect the innocent.)

It's a shame being in touch with your inner child doesn't count in restaurants, though, because otherwise we could have enjoyed a free meal at the Pizza Hut as well, since their Kids Eat Free offer has been extended until January 9, 2011. Every child accompanying an adult that purchases a main course or lunchtime buffet can choose from either a free 2 course kids meal with a drink or a free kids lunchtime buffet including pizza, pasta and salad. Find more details about the offer at (Well spo
tted, this is another sponsored post.)

Although, saying that, we did enjoy a couple of excellent bottles of red wine in Notting Hill before, during and after our supper, which wouldn't have been possible if we would've counted as kids, just because we were behaving that way. I think the great thing about London is that you can be as childish as you like, and still be treated as an adult. And actually, that comes down to the same thing as the first remark of this post, because you know you're growing up when you start to pay for things yourself.

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