Tuesday 31 August 2010

I’m worth £350342 more than Madonna

Much as I admire Madonna for her creativity, her courage, her endless capacity to reinvent herself, her determination and all her talents, I was shocked to see the results of her strict fitness regime in the Daily Mail. I suddenly understood why the dress H&M designed for her in 2006 wasn’t sleeveless.
Some call it willpower or self-discipline, but to me it seems like she’s lost control over her fear of getting fat. Personally, I’m proud I can say no to my daily exercise when I don’t feel like it and yes to breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner and even dessert.

But how does that make me worth £350342 more than Madonna?

According to a widget developed by my former colleagues in London, that’s what our price difference would be if we were both worth our weight in gold. In my favour.
If you want to find out your value in gold, enter your details in the widget or go the Postgoldforcash website.

Of course, the developers intended the widget as a playful way to make potential customers aware of the rising gold price, in order to convince them that it’s very lucrative to sell broken jewellery or unwanted gold coins to the gold buying company.

But by focussing on bodyweight and valuing skinny people less than healthy people, I think they offer a helping hand in the battle against eating disorders, which means a lot to me. And perhaps it’s not even entirely coincidental. After all, the face of Postgoldforcash is Anne Diamond, whose problems with her weight have been widely covered by the British media. My conclusion is: Postgoldforcash might just be a commercial company with a hidden, humanitarian agenda.


  1. This is interesting and so true.I don´t understand the obesession though.Why loosing weight is the ultimate goal for women, nothing is good enough than size zero, where has a healthy body gone.I don´t mean you need to be overweight but certainly not anorexic.Atleast not in a stage where you are only bones, and all that you can take precaution from is being wiped out from this planet only.Stay Healthy, not Obsessed!!!!
    Great post, it´s good to flash some light on these issues.

    Bleeding Healer

  2. Entertainment Industry = smoke and mirrors

  3. I suspect Madonna fears ageing more that getting fat. I don't know what size Kate Winslet is, but she has the kind of shape I admire.

  4. Of course, in reality, Postgoldformoney would pay the equivalent of Madonna's weight in money, even if you'd send in a golden hippo. Part of their humanitarian agenda must also be "profit off the misery of others and get rich quick."

  5. @Bleeding Healer, aiming for size zero is trying to make yourself disappear. Sounds like something only people who aren't fond of themselves would do. I agree - someone taking care of his/her body in order to make it live longer is much more beautiful than people destroying themselves in order to 'look good'.

    @The Phoenix Rising & Adriaan - of course they're only trying to make people sell something today that will undoubtedly rise in value. And the suspicion that they might be fighting for a good cause is not a good reason to sell your gold to them if you'd prefer to hold on to it yourself.

    @GB: judging by the picture in the Metro today, you're probably right about that: http://www.metro.co.uk/showbiz/839621-celebs-without-make-up-madonna-and-demi-moore-snapped-off-guard

  6. Those arms look awful, but then I've never been an admirer of Ms Madonna at all. I'd be made for life if I could get my bodyweight in gold.

  7. Oh those sad arms - do you think they're photoshopped to look even worse? I like the H & M dress

  8. @Madame DeFarge: I wonder what they want with all those bodies they're buying...

    @Nursemyra that would be brutal, but I think it's the flash that causes those shadows.