Tuesday 23 September 2008

My poor ears!

mom, dad, tell me, what should I do? Nobody's wearing ear plugs around here, and I already have trouble understanding them in the noisy clubs 'cause they're not speaking my mother tongue, but I just got home from the pyjama party at The Academy, which is the disco on campus, and my ears are ringing like a fire alarm...
I've got some ear plugs with me, do you urge me to wear them next time I'm going out? Even if it would lessen my social contacts? You would, right? I'm only asking you, because I really feel like I should and I really regret I didn't this time. Perhaps most people around here don't even hear these dying cells any more... shit! I hope at least some of the noise is just tiredness!

Please tell me to wear ear plugs every time I'll mention a club from now on! Please! I'll try to get hold of a pretty pair, like Holly Golightly wears in Breakfast in Tiffany's.

love, Deborah

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