Sunday 21 September 2008

All white folks look alike!

Because dancing the Ceilidh involves switching partners all the time, familiar faces are all over campus now. I feel like I've danced with practically every international student! And the best thing is: they don't expect me to know their names, because we didn't introduce ourselves.
Obviously, a team for the pub quiz was easily formed friday night. I entered The Hub and sat down next to one of my former dance partners. After a little chat we joined a Chinese girl and two of her friends, who sat at the next table.

“Don't we live in the same building?” the girl, Fan Yu, asked. I didn't recognize her fine features, but thought she might be one of the Asian girls I met in my kitchen briefly. Abashed by my inattentiveness, I replied cheerfully: “I think so!”
We spoke of lots of things I can't recall, until my friend Diana came to sit with us. Diana is from Russia and she will be an undergraduate student in music. Apart from the fact that we're about the same size, we both have reddish brown curls and her pale freckled skin is similar to mine, we look really different. But Fan Yu was startled at her appearance.
“In what hall do you live?” she inquired with a thin frown between her eyebrows.
“In Saltash,” I replied, at which she shrieked with laughter.
“We're not flat mates at all! I live in the same building as your friend!”


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